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The Academy is your home for professional and highly personalised online coaching programmes to help you lose fat, improve your nutrition and boost overall wellbeing. As a client, you receive truly personalised coaching to get where you want to be and also to develop a proper understanding of why and how to do it. At the Academy, we have one priority... YOU!!

1. Lose Weight

Highly personalised fitness programmes that get results.

We are all different. Different ages, different genetics, different backgrounds, different abilities and different goals. That’s why a personalised programme can yield such great results.

It’s also the reason why there’s no such thing as a magic diet, pill or shake. No miracle piece of exercise equipment and certainly no overnight abs or instant bulging biceps.

Whatever your reason for wanting or needing to lose weight, you’re doing the right thing by simply making a start. The evidence clearly tell us that weight loss is the NUMBER 1 factor when it comes to reducing the risk of illness and injury.

Diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, degenerative joints and more, can all be significantly reduced by the right exercise.

You may be unsure about how to start or perhaps you’re lacking the motivation to make a start. If so, please just get in touch. We’ll help you take those important first steps and then support you every step of the way.

2. Boost Your Nutrition

Your own nutrition plan tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Your nutrition is essential for health. It’s also essential to get your nutrition right if you want to lose weight.

At the Academy, we don’t do “diets” (those things you go on to lose weight and hate every second). Instead we talk about “nutrition plans” and “diets” are then simply the food you eat.

Throughout our CORE programme, we’ll help you build a personalised Nutrition Plan that will reflect the calories you need according your individual circumstances and the proportions of the relevant foodstuffs you should be aiming for.

You’ll learn about caloric deficit and we’ll guide you to eat the right amount of food in the right proportion at the right time of day. We can discuss the challenges you face, the temptations and how to overcome them.

3. Enhance Your Wellbeing

Helping you to feel better in every way.

Whatever your idea of balance, our coaching process has you at its heart. Together, increasing your fitness and nutrition not only increases energy levels, enthusiasm and overall positivity but gives you renewed confidence.

We work with you if you are struggling and help you develop techniques to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

Client Testimonies

“In what he does and how he does it, Rupert is amazing.

His knowledge and the level of support he provides

is second to none.“

“I wish I’d done this sooner. Highly recommended.”

“David is inspiring.”

“David, you are an extraordinary human being. Generous,

giving and a heart full of kindness. I can't thank you enough.”

“I find it hard to put into words how amazing I feel.

I’m delighted with the progress I’ve made.“

“I’ve lost a quarter of my body weight.

I’ve not felt this good about myself in years.“

I have been working with Rupert and David and their support has been great. This includes assistance with my mental & physical health as well as nutritional and technical advice.

Our flagship programme, AcademyCORE delivers detailed personal analysis, bespoke onboarding and intensive coaching interactions like never before.

We work with you to understand your background, goals, work/life habits and your likes/dislikes. From here we’ll tailor-make your fitness and nutrition programme and provide a full briefing before you start work. Your progress is then closely monitored on a day-to-day basis and modified on an on-going basis.

Daily contact provides essential accountability to help you keep on track. Additionally, you can reach out to our team at any time with questions or requests for additonal support.

As well as enhancing your fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, we’ll help you learn and understand how your body works and why you’re doing what you’re doing. This builds positive habits to help you sustain your progress for the long term.

AcademyCOREis available in three levels (CORE 1, 2 and 3) with most clients starting out on CORE 2. Programme durations are flexible, however we recommend an initial period of six months in order for you to establish progress and for us to build up a comprehensive set of data which in turn helps your progress and creates positive long-lasting habits.

AcademyCORE™ - CORE 3 is our top tier and comes with a wide range of additional diagnostic features. These include blood/hormone testing and analysis, a 1-2-1 session with our qualified dietician and a free WHOOP* band for the enhanced data capture and monitoring. (* WHOOP band subject to terms and conditions).

AcademyGO is our quick start, “grab ‘n go” programme.

It provides you with regularly updated programme content and is operated on a simple monthly subscription basis. Have you previously completed an intensively coached programme and feel you now have the confidence to manage things a little more by yourself? If so, then AcademyGO is ideal for you.

Sign up, select your starting points (gender, home or gym workouts and number of workouts per week). We’ll then do the rest.

You’ll have access to an online support community of other AcademyGO™ users and also online contributions from members of the Academy coaching team.

AcademyGO™ will be available soon through a special once-only launch promotion. Plus, you can find out how your AcademyGO™ subscription will be helping to support our nominated charity.

Stay tuned ...... and get ready to GO.

The Academy Difference

HERE FOR EVERYBODY. We work with people of all ages, all abilities and all aspirations.

WE’RE REAL (and REALISTIC). We work with everyday people - not superheroes. Don’t be put off by what you see on social media or in the gym. Some people have been on their fitness journey for years. Some also have the help of camera, make-up and wardrobe crews.

TOP QUALITY customer service. We go the extra mile and are available when you need us.

VALUE FOR MONEY programmes.

TRANSPARENT pricing policies. We don’t have any hidden fees and your programme fees remain unchanged for the duration of the programme.

NO GIMMICKS. Yeah, we know everybody loves a bargain but it’s never a genuine offer to have high prices one minute followed by huge discounts the next. This just upsets people when they miss out. That’s why we don’t do it, but instead occasionally opt to run modest and genuine promotions.

NO PRESSURISED SELLING. You ask, we provide the information and then you decide. We won’t email you day, after day... after day until you either submit or block us. We’re happy to have an initial discussion where you can ask all the questions you want, totally free of any obligation. Our door is always open if you need to come back to us at a later date.

TOTAL FOCUS on the client. Daily accountability from supportive coaches. We’re not “drill sergeants” and neither do we shout at people. Honest!

CONTINUOUS product improvement/professional development. We’ve got some seriously big plans for the future including pogrammes than could positively affect a generation. If you have any feedback or suggestions at any time, we’d love to receive it.


the Team

Hello. We’re David Evans and Rupert Scott, the Founders and Directors of

The Academy.

Together with our wider team of experienced professionals, our combined experience gained working with individual and business across the world, our expertise covers fitness training, executive coaching, consulting, mentoring, positive psychology, physiotherapy and dietetics.

“I’m so excited about what we’re doing at the Academy. Seeing the change in people is both amazing and humbling”

David Evans

Founder and Director

A graduate of the University of Leeds (BSc Hons. Food Science and Microbiology), David is an accomplished trainer, coach, mentor and consultant. With a proven track record of supporting both individuals and businesses, David’s career has taken him to the USA, Europe, South Africa, Thailand, Japan and Australia. He has worked in several large corporate organisations as well as being a successful business owner.

David is passionate about supporting people to see them flourish and succeed. As a highly creative individual, he loves to develop new products and services that deliver on all levels. He is a former Fellow, Director and National Vice Chair of the Institute of Business Advisers, where he was responsible for membership development and CPD.

Away from work, David loves fitness, travel and music. He keeps busy as both a Magistrate and is an experienced singer and choral conductor.

“If you’re looking for something beyond just your average coaching process, then you’ve come to the right place.”

Rupert Scott

Founder and Director

Rupert, a former professional volleyball player, is a qualified personal trainer and experienced fitness coach. With a BSc in Sport Science and within touching distance of completing his MSc in Sports Physiology and Nutrition, Rupert’s extensive academic background and personal experiences are a distinct advantage when delivering coaching.

Rupert is deeply passionate about strength training and its transformative power. He is highly effective at conveying knowledge and guidance using positive reinforcement, providing clients with truly amazing levels of support.

Beyond the gym, Rupert’s interests extend embracing the beauty of the great outdoors. You’ll often find him hiking or kayaking with his loyal canine companion, Max (our Academy dog!). He also enjoys immersing himself in the vibrant energy of live music performances.

Bruce O’Brien

Executive Coach

Graham Keen

Positive Psychologist

Ellie Scott

Consultant Dietician


Consultant Physio


The Academy Dog

“I wish I’d done this much sooner. Highly recommended.”


We understand!! There’s a lot of conflicting information out there and you want to make the right decision. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and guarantee to provide you with clear and straightforward information. Here are a few to start with.



Programme are flexible but we seriously recommend an initial programme of 6 months. We believe that is the optimum time to see results and develop positive, sustainable habits.


Absolutely not. Lots of people often wish they’d started sooner. That person in the mirror (you) wants to be different, so now is the time to stop thinking and start doing.


We work with people of all ages, covering simple to very complex needs and widely differing goals. We begin with an initial no-obligation discussion and take it from there.



You can start your journey to a fitter, healthier, happier you at any time. We’ll plan the onboarding process around your availability and get you up and running as quickly as possible.


No. For a variety of reasons, some people prefer to work out at home rather than go to a gym. However, access to a gym can build commitment plus you get to use the proper equipment.


Your coach will take into account any simple home gym equipment you have. They can also provide guidance if you are considering purchasing. It doesn’t have to be expensive nor bulky.


Everybody is different so the pace of results will also be different. Most people see results very quickly.


Just get in touch at any time. All you need to do is send a quick email to hello@theacademy.org


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